Calder's Products
Milk from our cows at the farm in Carleton is hauled by our company tanker truck to the dairy in Lincoln Park . From there it is transferred to a refrigerated bulk tank in the plant and processed in small batches. All our milk is vat pasteurized meaning that it is heated to the minimum required temperature of 150 - 155 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes. Vat pasteurization allows for our milk to retain its natural enzymes and bacteria that are beneficial to milk drinkers and destroy any harmful organisms in the milk. We do it the old fashioned way for a more natural tasting milk!                                              
The bottle washer at the dairy is the original machine that has been in the plant since Calder Dairy was founded in 1946. It is still in great working order despite being older than the model you can find at Henry Ford museum!

Once the milk is bottled it is available for purchase at both Calder locations as well many local stores throughout southeastern Michigan.

Products Available from Calder Dairy
  • Homogenized (Whole) Milk - minimum of 3.25% butterfat
  • Natural (Creamline) Milk - not quite straight from the cow but the next best thing! This milk is vat pasteurized but not homogenized with nothing added or removed. Cream rises to the top.
  • Skim Milk - 1/2% or less butterfat. Pasteurized and homogenized. Vitamins A & D added.
  • Lo-fat 2% Milk - 2% butterfat, vitamins A and D added, pasteurized and homogenized.
  • Chocolate Milk - by far one our most popular products! Rich cocoa powder added to our natural milk makes for a delicious and nutritious treat for all!
  • Half & Half - Great for your morning cup of coffee! Approximately 20% butterfat, pasteurized and homogenized.
  • Heavy Whipping Cream - pasteurized milk cream, approx. 40% butterfat.
  • Buttermilk - old-fashioned buttermilk great for cooking and baking!
  • Butter - natural, home-made butter! Available in 1.5lb containers and NEW!!- 1lb containers!
  • Sour Cream - this product along with Calder chip dip is made with the cream taken off the top of our skim milk!
  • Chip Dip - the toasted onion flavor is great with chips or veggies and should be on everyone's table for Super Bowl Sunday!
  • Cottage Cheese - 1lb and 2lb containers available
  • Drinking Yogurts - (Plain, Strawberry-Banana, and Black Raspberry) - Made with carefully selected live cultures. Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Bifid Bacterium and Lactobacillus Casei are used. Calder's Yogurt is a silky smooth fruity combination with added health benefits!
  • New-England Style Eggnog - our world famous egg nog has traveled with our customers all over the U.S. and is a family favorite for many! We will have egg nog on our shelves between Thanksgiving and New Years and will produce another small batch at Easter.
  • Fresh Farm Made Fudge - Our own brand, Two Women And A Cow Chocolate and Chocolate Almond fudge.
  • Premium Ice Cream - 34 flavors in all!
Apart from Calder products we also carry orange juice, farm fresh eggs (white and brown), assorted cheeses, cider (in season), and an array of Michigan made products like hot fudge, jellies, candies, honey, etc.

Check out the list of stores and markets that carry our products on Stores and Markets Page.

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