We are getting a lot of last minute requests for tours in May and June. If you think you will be interested in a tour in May and June of 2016 please consider booking ahead, this will ensure you can get the day and time you need.!

$9.00 FOR 25 PEOPLE AND MORE. CALL 734 654 2622
9334 Finzel Road
Carleton, MI 48117


Tis mud season on the farm, but that means Spring is here!!! So put on your mud boots and dress warmly, and come out and visit the farm animals.
Open 7 days 10:00 am to 7:00 pm

Farm pics

We have improved our display of antique farm equipment, they are looking nice and bright with a new coat of paint! You can also see our Minneapolis Moline displayed.  Please play heed to the signs that as you not to climb on displays or on the tractor. Also please do not use the waterfall as a wading pool!

Come down to the farm in Carleton and visit your local cows! The farm is open to the public 7 days a week year-round, with spring and summer being our busy seasons. Our cows produce the milk that was home delivered to your front door, that you picked up at our store or farm or at one of the many fine stores that carry our milk.

Come check out our new calf nursery and then WATCH the 'girls' being milked at 
4:00 pm every day. Our "Viewing Room" has recently been renovated and now contains great informational posters and fun interactive activities for all ages.

We have a new 'goat scape' see the goats run up and down their play scape to get the feed you can send up to them.  Too fun!

Visit our country farm store where you can purchase ice cream cones (fresh waffle cones made daily!), milk shakes, a delicious sundae...or check out the dairy cooler for a full selection of our premium dairy product. Farm made fudge. Check out our local honey, maple syrup and locally grown popcorn. 

We have an indoor seating area, also a covered pavilion next to the pond. You can sit and watch our waterfall as you enjoy your ice cream cone!!

Don't forget to visit the other critters on the farm. Calder farm has a wide variety of animals for you to see apart from all our cows!

Please note, to emphasize and clarify, you cannot milk a cow by hand unless you are on an organized tour.  Click on the link below to learn more about organized tours and what they include.

Be sure to leave your phone number on your email, the tour crew will contact you via phone not email!!! Thanks!

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